Alex Yartsev

Alex Yartsev (BappSci(MRS), MClinED, MB.BS, FCICM) is an Intensivist from Westmead ICU in Sydney, where he leads the ICU education program. He also coordinates the Mechanical Ventilation unit of study at Sydney University and acts as a Second Part examiner for the College of Intensive Care Medicine.

To unpack his formal qualifications, 

  • BappSci(MRS) is a Bachelor's degree in medical radiation sciences, which got him his first job as a radiotherapist. 
  • MB.BS is the graduate medical degree you got in Australia before all the universities Americanised their nomenclature (everybody is now getting MDs, because that's what the TV doctors have).
  • MClinEd is a Masters degree in Clinical Education, which has armed him with the sensory instruments to recognise broken assessment mechanisms and lazy curriculum design.
  • FCICM is a Fellowship of the College of Intensive Care Medicine, which is what you get if you finish the Australian training program in Intensive Care. 

As the sensation of writing this self-promotional material in third person resembles the sensation of bending a joint in the wrong direction, it would perhaps be better to redirect the reader to the About page instead of persevering with this process.