2001, Hot Cases 1

Hot Cases

Candidates encountered a variety of ICU patients and were asked to explore specific problems or do a routine morning assessment, including:
Patient with IABP post CAG for morning round review and plan for the day or for assessment of the cardiovascular system
Patient after neck stabbing for assessment of complications (eg brachial plexus, cord, sympathetic chain, major vascular injury)
General assessment of a woman following surgery for multitrauma
Patient with fractured pelvis developing oliguria
Patient following CAGs with weaning failure due to pulmonary oedema
Patient following CAGs with Parkinson’s Disease 

Candidates are encouraged to behave as they would in their own units. Although not dwelling too long on the equipment around the bed, it would be important to know the PAOP and CI in a cardiac patient and gather as much information as possible to understand the patient’s condition.

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