2006, Hot Cases 2

The brief examiner's entry for the clinical section was as follows:

The Clinical Section (comprising 2 hot cases) was conducted at the Royal Melbourne Hospital,
Candidates  should  listen  carefully  to  the  introduction  given  by  the  examiners  and  direct  their
examination  accordingly.  Patients  were  usually  presented  as  problem  solving  exercises.  For
maximal  marks,  candidates  should  demonstrate  a  systematic  approach  to  examination,
clinical signs should be demonstrated, and a reasonable discussion regarding their findings
should  follow.  The  twenty  minutes  available  for  each  case  provides  ample  opportunity  to
discuss related investigations and plans of management.
The hot cases represented those commonly encountered in day to day intensive care practice
These included:

1)  A 79 year old man admitted post VF-arrest – Assessment of neurology
2)  87 year old male with multitrauma- assessment of suitability for extubation
3)  A 68 year old lady with GI bleed, abdominal mass and a compromised airway
4)  A 44 year old man with severe chest injuries –assessment of suitability for
5)  Assessment of a young lady with Grade 5 SAH
6)  A 73 year old man following multitrauma, ongoing MODs, STEMI, cardiac
dysfunction, pericardial rub, 
7)  77 year old man with MODS following AAA repair

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