2007, Hot Cases 1

If one (like me) was working backwards in time, from the more recent papers to the older, one would have noted that the quality of the examiners' reports degrades dramatically with the paper's age. Encouragingly, this means that the reports have evolved as the college matures. 

This first paper of 2007 is the last of the bad papers, those where the hot cases are reported on in only the briefest detail. These little snippets of information are of very little value, and are included here purely for completeness.


The Hot Case Section was held at both the Liverpool and Nepean hospitals.

The clinical problems which were presented to the candidates included:
a)  Aortic dissection and root replacement
b)  Cardiogenic shock and chest sepsis
c)  Intracranial bleed with a ventricular drain
d)  Steven Johnson's syndrome
e)  Non resolving community acquired pneumonia
f)  Neutropenic sepsis
g)  Myasthenia gravis
h)  Necrotising fasciitis with long standing TPN- nutritional assessment,
multiple resistant organisms
i)  Diabetes, staph abscess and renal failure
j)  Failure to wean after 3 weeks in intensive care with underlying COPD
and lung malignancy.
k)  Post cardiac arrest in the cath lab, with IABP, in cardiogenic shock
I)  MODS in a patient with a mitral valve repair, CAPD.
m)  Traumatic Brain Injury and had had a decompressive craniectomy
n)  Subarachnoid haemorrhage
o)  Lower limb cellulitis and septic shock

The cold cases included
a)  Liver disease
b)  Ascites
c)  Polycystic kidney disease with transplant kidney
d)  Valvular heart disease
e)  Peripheral neuropathy
f)  Facial palsy


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