Question 26.3

Examine the ECG shown below.

1.      Describe the ECG as shown.
2.      Which coronary artery territory may be involved in the pathophysiology of this case?

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College Answer

1    Sinus rhythm of 92 bpm. ST elevation of >2mm in II, III AVF and V5,6 with reciprocal changes in V1 and AVR. Consistent with myocardial infarction .
2    Right coronary artery territory or LCx if dominant left system.


The localisation of coronary artery territories on the ECG is discussed elsewhere.

To simplify revision, here they are:

localisation of coronary artery territories


Zimetbaum, Peter J., and Mark E. Josephson. "Use of the electrocardiogram in acute myocardial infarction." New England Journal of Medicine 348.10 (2003): 933-940.