Question 26.1

Draw a 3 chamber chest drainage system and include a brief description of the function of each chamber

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College Answer

A drawing & description which identifies the following was required:-

A) A collection chamber which is connected to the intercostal drain and collects pleural fluid. This chamber can be independently emptied and in addition allow for an accurate record of pleural drainage amount.

B) A water seal chamber which ensures that the water seal is maintained at a predetermined level whilst still allowing for drainage of pleural fluid.

C)  A  suction  control  chamber  which  ensures  that  an  accurate  ,  easily  verifiable  and consistent level of suction is being delivered to the pleural cavity as long as wall suction is greater than the required suction pressure.


This question closely resembes Question 24.2 from the second paper of 2012.

In any case, here is a diagram:

Underwater seal drain system


NSW Health: Chest Drain - Set up of Atrium Oasis Dry Suction Under-Water Seal Drainage

Atrium have published their instructions online.

Additionally, they provide this training document which is surprisingly full of useful information.