Question 26.2

What device is shown below? When is it used and what are its design features which make it suitable for use?

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College Answer

Name: A McCoy Blade laryngoscope (- improved visualization of the cords in the setting of a difficult intubation .   It has a controllable flexible tip which allows for the elevation of distal structures, espec the epiglottis .


Yes, this is a McCoy Articulating Tip Laryngoscope, or the levering laryngoscope as McCoy himself called it (he did not name it after himself). Instead of relying on brute force to elevate the epiglottis, the airway enthusiast can squeeze the lever and elevate it gently. It is particularly useful in situations where the larynx is very anterior. The disadvantage is, sometimes the epiglottis can get caught in the hinge.


AnaesthesiaUK have a nice page about McCoy blades.

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