Question 11.3

List  the  important  pieces  of information  that  could  be obtained  from  an arterial waveform tracing.

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College Answer

1)  Systolic, diastolic, mean and pulse pressures
2)  Heart rate and rhythm
3)  Effect of dysrhythmias on pefusion
4)  ECG lead disconnect
5)  Continuous cardiac output using pulse contour analysis
6)  Specific waveform morphologies  might be diagnostic – eg slow rising pulse –AS, pulsus paradoxus in tamponade
7)  Systolic pressure variation or pulse pressure variation may be useful in predicting fluid responsiveness.


This question closely resembles Question 30.2 from the second paper of 2013


From Bersten and Soni's" Oh's Intensive Care Manual", 6th Edition; plus McGhee and Bridges Monitoring Arterial Blood Pressure: What You May Not Know (Crit Care Nurse April 1, 2002 vol. 22 no. 2 60-79 )

For those who like hardcore physics, this excellent resource will be an enormous source of amusement. It appears to be a free online textbook of anaesthesia. Nowhere else was this topic covered with a greater depth, or with a greater attention to mathematical detail.