Question 12

List the major biochemical abnormalities  that are usually associated with the following conditions:

a)   Adrenal insufficiency.

b)   Refeeding syndrome.

c)   Tumour lysis syndrome.

d)   Ethylene glycol toxicity.

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College Answer

Adrenal Insufficiency

Non anion gap acidosis Hypoglycaemia Hypercalcaemia

Refeeding Syndrome

Hypophosphataemia Hypokalaemia Hypomagnesaemia Hyperglycaemia

Tumour Lysis Syndrome

Hyperphosphataemia Hyperkalaemia Hypocalcaemia Hyperuricaemia Metabolic acidosis

Ethylene Glycol Toxicity

High anion gap acidosis High osmolar gap Hypocalcaemia


The tabulated answer from the college is comprehensive, and would be difficult to improve upon.

Instead, I will offer links to detailed discussions of the abovementioned syndromes.


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