2012, Paper 2 SAQs

The August/October sitting in 2012 had a written part pass rate of 67%, making it one of the easier papers. 

The examiners have provided us with a breakdown of pass rates and highest marks achieved for every individual question.

The following comments were made by the examiners:

Nine of the thirty questions had a pass rate of less than 50%. Topics covered by questions with a pass rate of less than 40% were non-convulsive status epilepticus and the management of the patient post liver transplantation. There was an apparent lack of understanding of basic principles relating to commonly used tests, interpretation of the literature and assessment of the circulation. As in previous exams, candidates who failed did not answer the questions as asked; did not attempt to answer certain questions or parts of questions; and/or were too narrow in their answer. It appears that candidates do not always read the questions carefully and thoroughly. Candidates who failed the written section passed an average of 12/30 questions compared with candidates scoring > 50% and gaining an invitation to the oral section, passing an average of 21/30 questions. Candidates are reminded that it is mathematically possible to pass 29/30 questions and still fail the written paper overall.