2013, Paper 2 SAQs

An overall written pass rate of 53% is reported for the October sitting of 2013, roughly on par with previous years.

Unfortunately, this time the college did not favour us with any record of the specific pass rate or highest mark for each question.

The examiners had this to say for the survivors of this paper:

"Fourteen of the thirty questions had an overall pass rate of less than 50%. Topics covered by questions with a pass rate of less than 40% related to data interpretation, the role of early goal directed therapy in septic shock, hypotension in pancreatitis, metabolic changes in stress and starvation and the management of iron poisoning. Candidates who failed questions did so for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Insufficient knowledge of the topic in question
  • Insufficient detail and/or depth of the answer
  • Poorly structured answer
  • Inadequate reference to supportive evidence where relevant
  • Failure to answer the question as asked
  • Omission of all or part of the question 

Omission of all or part of the question It was noted that some answers relating to discussion or critical evaluation of a topic were not at the required level in terms of synthesis of information and depth of discussion. It also appears that candidates do not always read the questions carefully and thoroughly. Candidates are advised to include in their answer only information that is relevant to the question and to write legibly. Candidates who failed the written section passed an average of 12/30 questions compared with candidates scoring >50% and gaining an invitation to the oral section, passing an average of 20/30 questions. "