Question 10.2

A 75-year-old male is a patient in your ICU, day three following an elective oesophagectomy.

Examine the photograph provided.


a) What complication has occurred?

b) What is your management of this complication?

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College Answer

a) Chylothorax secondary to thoracic duct damage.

NB: Both parts needed for whole mark.

b) Conservative management with drainage, octreotide and TPN. Surgical management with pleurodesis or thoracic duct ligation


The picture abode is of a drain with chyle in it, which was not part of the original college paper. Indeed, nobody knows what precisely the college depicted in their version.

I have attempted to provide the candidate with a picture which has in it an unambiguously creamy opaque fluid, sitting in some obvious chest drain tubing.

And yes, chylothorax is a frequent complication of oesophagectomy.

Diagnosis of chylothorax:

Management of chylothorax


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