Question 23.2

The following pressure-volume loop (Figure 23.2) was obtained from a mechanically ventilated patient.

a)    What does it indicate?

b)    What changes would you make to the ventilator settings to correct the abnormality?
(20% marks)

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College answer

Not available.


Because "(Image removed from exam report.)", and because this abomination of a paper was published without official answers, we have no idea which exact ventilator loop the college chose for this. However, it is possible to guess, on the basis of the fact that the wording of this question is identical to the wording of Question 13.2 from the first paper of 2014.

The college answers to that question were:

a) "Beaking" pattern of lung over-distension, where airway pressure continues to rise without much increase in tidal volume.

b) Reduce the applied tidal volume.