Question 24

With respect to chylothorax in the critically ill:

a)    Define chylothorax.    (10% marks)

b)    Outline how it should be diagnosed.    (40% marks)

c)    Describe the principles of management.    (50% marks)

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This question is virtually identical to Question 5 from the first paper of 2019, except in 2019 diagnosis and management were rolled together into one big question worth 90% of the marks. If one inspects the marking rubric from 2019, one will note that the marks are allocated in the same way.

a) The definition of chylothorax:

  • Chylothorax is a pleural collection of fluid, where the fluid is positively identified as chyle by the presence of chylomicrons

b) Diagnosis of chylothorax:

Diagnostic methods (from Maladonado et al, 2009):

  • Gold standard: differential electrophoresis of pleural fluid to confirm chylomicrons
  • Sudan Red stain of chylomicrons in pleural fluid
  • Clinical identification of milky pleural fluid
  • Protein and LDH  in the pleural fluid is usually high
  • Pleural fluid triglyceride level is usually high
  • Fasting test and fat challenge (chylomicrons are only found in the circulation within 3 hours of eating and they disappear in the fasted state)
  • CT and lymphangiography 

c) Management of chylothorax from Bender et al (2015):

  • Conservative measures:

  • Surgical options:

    • Thoracic duct ligation (just proximal to the aortic hiatus)

    • Talc pleurodesis

    • Percutaneous lymphography and embolisation

    • Pleuroperitoneal shunt - where, for whatever reason, thoracic duct ligation is impossible


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