Random CICM Part Two practice paper generator

This tool randomly generates short practice exam papers. Currently, the maximum number of questions per paper is limited to 30, as this closely approximates the 300-minute written paper. Also, the server seems to crash with larger papers. The questions are chosen randomly and every paper will be different.

Hold down the [shift] key to select the range of topics and range of papers you are interested in, and hit the "CREATE PAPER" button. The resulting list of questions can be printed with or without the answers by toggling the visibility of the answers.

Also, in the event that anybody is interested in such a thing, a table of all the SAQs is available, which can be sorted by topic, pass rate, and year of publication. Apparently some of you find that useful in structuring your revision.

[Click here to toggle visibility of the answers]

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Select any combination of topics and past papers; click on "CREATE PAPER" to see the result.