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CICM original resources:

The second edition of the syllabus (CICM, 2014)

The new third edition of the syllabus (CICM, 2017)

"PLEASE NOTE: online non peer reviewed sources may not be reliable", warns the recommended reading section of the new syllabus, which will be in place from the second sitting of 2018. The most noticeable changes in comparison with the old curriculum have been:

  • Removal of the statistics syllabus (presumably, this has migrated to the Part II Exam) - this remains here as a historical footnote and to help trainees who are looking at the old papers, but the majority of statistics revision notes will have a new home in the Statistics and Interpretation of Evidence section from the Required Reading archive for the CICM Fellowship Exam. 
  • Removal of the toxicology syllabus (the SAQs which belonged to this category have since been distributed to other sections, in a fairly arbitrary manner)
  • Abbreviation of (previously already neglected) topics such as pharmaceutics.

This unreliable non-peer reviewed resource will endeavour to comply with the new syllabus wherever possible.