Functional extracellular fluid and transcellular fluid

The contents of functional extracellular fluid

Bone and connective tissue contain 15% of the total body fluid (that's 9% of the mass of the organism) but they are slow to mobilise and wont participate in infusion physiology to a relevant degree. The rest is the functional ECF.

Functional ECF is about 30% of the total body fluid, or about 20% of total body mass (18% to be precise)

Functional extracellular fluid

Transcellular fluid compartment: small but useful

This is a small but important compartment; 2.5% of total body fluid is locked up in these secretions.

The compartment is characterized by being formed from the secretions of epithelial cells, and it exist in epithelial-lined cavities.

transcellular fluid

Examples include:

  • Vitreous humour
  • Pleural fluid
  • CSF
  • Peritoneal fluid
  • Aqueous humour
  • Urine in the bladder
  • Bowel mucus

References, as always; my source for most of this information has been the Kerry Brandis Anaesthetic Viva book.  Everyone should have one.

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