Question 4

Explain how a normal, healthy adult regulates their body temperature (70% of marks).

Explain how paracetamol exerts an antipyretic effect in a febrile patient (30% of marks).

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College Answer

Most candidates mentioned sweating, shivering, vascular response, and behavioural response
to cold environment. Outlining the requirements of the temperature sensors, control
processing area, and the effectors is, however, essential in order to pass this question. Most
candidates did not mention where the temperature sensors are and the possible hormonal
response to changes in the temperature of the environment. The interaction between
interleukin-1 (and other pyrogens) and prostaglandin production in the hypothalamus was
also not discussed.
Syllabus section L1.
Reference: Guyton & Hall 11th Edition page 894-901.