Question 11(p.2)

Outline the principal functions of the Liver, and give examples.

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College Answer

For a good answer candidates were expected to at least mention the following --
Formation and secretion of bile
Carbohydrate metabolism (Glycogen synthesis and breakdown, Gluconeogensis)
Lipid metabolism (Fatty acid oxidation, Synthesis of cholesterol and phospholipids,
Production of ketoacids)
Protein metabolism Breakdown
Metabolism of toxins, drugs (Phase I reactions - oxidation, reduction, hydrolysis,
Phase II reactions- conjugation/glucuronidation)
Storage (Vitamins B12, A, D 2, Iron as ferritin, Glycogen)
Endocrine (Synthesis of 25 OH cholecalciferol, Metabolism of steroid hormones, Synthesis
of somatomedins, Erythropoietin)
Miscellaneous (Acid base role – lactate metabolism, Blood store)
Syllabus – I2a
Reference: Gannong p485, Power and Kam p185