Outline the ideal properties of a colloid intravenous fluid. (25% marks) Compare and contrast Gelatins, Hydroxyethyl starch and 4 % Albumin solutions. (75% marks)

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College Answer

The ideal properties of a colloid include: stability at room temperature and long shelf life,
lack of complications such as antiginicity, toxicity, pyrogenicity, disease transmission, or
other adverse effects (eg coagulapathy) and plasma volume expansion lasting several hours.
Candidates performed well in this section.
Marks were equally divided between each colloid, and this part of the answer was well suited
to table format. Candidates were expected to compare and contrast fluid source, infection and
antigenic risk, cost and resource issues, packaging and ease of administration, duration of
effect, tonicity, and properties which determine their side effect profile etc. Common errors
were omission of adequate detail for each colloid and not being aware that Dextran is not a
Hydroxyethyl starch.
Syllabus – E2a 2a
Reference: Foundations of Anaesthesia: Basic clinical Science, Hemmings and Hopkins, pg