Question 10

Outline the mechanism of action of drugs commonly used to prevent stress ulceration in intensive care.

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College Answer

For a good answer candidates were expected to mention the following key broad 
points, being there are drugs that act by decreasing acid production in the stomach, 
drugs that act as mucosal protectors and drugs that reduce intra gastric acidity. 
Based upon that candidates would be expected to mention and outline the 
mechanism of action of H2 receptor antagonists, H+K/=ATPase (proton pump) 
inhibitors, sucralfate’s mechanism of action and antacids. Candidates who structured 
their answer tended to provide more complete answers and score better. Candidates 
who failed did so because of a lack of sufficient knowledge of the mechanism of 
action of the drugs.
Syllabus: Q2, 2a. b,c
References: Basic and Clinical Pharmacology Katzung 10th Ed pg 1009.
Pharmacology Rang & Dale 6th Ed p 526-7, 255, 497, 587