Question 11(p.2)

Describe and or illustrate the anatomy relevant to the insertion of an arterial line into the femoral artery

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College Answer

The femoral artery lies in the femoral triangle. Candidates were expected to describe 
the content of the triangle. The upper medial and lateral borders of the triangle, the 
anterior and the posterior relationships of the femoral artery should also be 
described. The femoral artery is an extension of the external iliac artery and has an 
important branch, the profunda femoris artery which comes off on the lateral side.
Diagrams gained marks as did mention of common anatomical landmarks to locate 
the artery. Candidates who failed did not have enough knowledge. Description of 
how to place an arterial line gained no marks.
Syllabus: C1d2g
References: Grays Anatomy pages 379,526-27,587,497