List the adverse properties of Propofol and Ketamine.

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College Answer

This question was not well answered by many candidates. Candidates included advantages of
these sedative / analgesic agents in their answers when they were not asked for in the question.
The best approach to answer this question is to use a table listing their potential adverse
properties in categories such as pharmaceutical and chemical properties, pharmacodynamic
properties in different body systems, and pharmacokinetics.
The common weaknesses observed included the side effects of ketamine, including its side effects
on intracranial pressure, myocardial contractility and oxygen consumption, and hallucinations or
delirium. Some adverse properties of propofol including bacterial contamination and pain on
injection were also not well covered by many candidates.
Syllabus: G2a,2a
References: Goodman and Gilman The pharmacological basis of therapeutics 11th edition p350-