Question 1

Describe the physiological consequences that follow an intravenous bolus of 50mls of 50% glucose.

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College Answer

It was expected answers would include a comment this would transiently increase the blood 
glucose and result in the stimulation of insulin production. Some detail was then required on the 
mechanism by which insulin production is increased and time frames over which this occurred, 
as well as mechanism by which glucose passes through to the urine. Other important points 
expected were the fate of glucose, once taken up by the cells, the inhibitory effects (and 
mechanisms) of insulin (ie inhibits glycogenolysis, triglyceride and protein breakdown, etc). A 
description of the physiological consequences of increased insulin production was required. 
This question has been asked before, in it’s current form. The pass rate on this occasion was 
higher. Candidates who did poorly did so due to a lack of detail and understanding of the topic.