Describe the factors that affect the flux of potassium across the cell membrane

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College Answer

Candidates were required to synthesize knowledge across a number of areas and have a
good overview of the topic. This included the following - Insulin (acts to up-regulate Na/K 
ATPase activity promoting intracellular shift of potassium in adipose and muscle tissue); 
catecholamines (beta2 stimulation up-regulates Na/K ATPase activity promoting 
intracellular shift of potassium); aldosterone; pH (acidosis promotes H+/K+ exchange (via 
H+/K+ antiport), and reduces the activity of the Na K ATPase pump); osmolality (cellular 
dehydration increases intracellular K+ concentration promoting diffusion of potassium out 
of the cells); exercise; plasma potassium; temperature.