Compare and contrast renal and hepatic blood flow and its regulation

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College Answer

Another fundamental physiology topic that required candidates to understand, and 
synthesize knowledge from multiple areas. Generally well done with some very good 
answers. A tabular format worked well. Candidates were expected to mention values for 
renal and hepatic flow (total flow, % of cardiac output and oxygen consumption), basic 
anatomical comparisons, distribution (e.g. renal cortex 95% , renal medulla 5%,), two
capillary beds (glomerular and peritubular) for renal, and hepatic triad and sinusoids for the 
liver, function (filtration for renal blood flow and metabolic activity for hepatic) and 
regulatory mechanisms for each (e.g. myogenic, autonomic, metabolic and humoral for 
both and tubuloglomerular feedback for renal).