Outline the adverse consequences of a blood transfusion. (75% of marks)

Define massive blood transfusion and list the adverse consequences associated with a massive blood transfusion. (25% of marks)

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College Answer

In general this question was well answered; however candidates often had difficulty differentiating 
specifically for a massive blood transfusion (defined as replacement of circulating volume in 24 hours, or greater than 4 units blood transfused in 1 hour of continuing blood loss, or loss of 50% circulating volume in 3 hours). Responses to the first part of the question generally lacked depth. It is suggested that candidates take a systematic approach (e.g. use of categories such as immune, infectious, storage, etc.) when answering these type of questions. Candidates are reminded that when asked to “outline”, that the expectation for them to include a description that reflects understanding, and not just “dotpoints”.