Question 18

Outline the anatomy of the internal jugular vein. (80% of marks)

Describe the Doppler Effect. (20% of marks)

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College Answer

An overview of the Internal Jugular vein stating where it is formed and terminates would be a 
good start. The important surface anatomy of the vein (left and right) followed by mention of 
the important anatomical relationships was then required. Few candidates mentioned 
anatomical variations.
Many answers had no identifiable structure and went back and forth around the topic as 
information came to mind. A number of answers contained very rough diagrams that did not
contain mark worthy information but took time to draw.

The second part of the question was generally well answered by those attempting it. Many 
candidates ignored or forgot about this part of the question. Some candidates wrote 2 or 
more pages of significant detail in stark contrast to what they had written for the first part of 
the question. The percentage of marks allocated is a good guide as to the level of detail 
required in the answer.