Describe the adult coronary circulation (50% of marks) and its regulation (50% of marks). 

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College Answer

This question was generally well answered. Some candidates did not mention the factors which 
are peculiar to the coronary circulation and answered in a generic manner, as if for any vascular 
bed. The coronary circulation has a high O2-ER and flow-dependence. Many candidates seemed 
to lack a perspective that metabolic demand dominates control of the coronary arterial flow. 
The phasic nature of flow was best shown with a diagram and whilst "publication-level" graphs 
are not expected, the graph drawn must be factually correct and convey the principal similarities 
and differences. While this topic is covered in both Guyton and Ganong, additional detail can be 
found in the Mosby physiology monograph series: Cardiovascular Physiology, 10th Edition by 
Pappano and Wier,( the replacement of Berne and Levy).