Question 19

Describe the effects of ageing on the cardiovascular system.

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College Answer

Many candidates described the pathological processes which might affect the aging heart 
rather than the physiological ones. Recognition that aging reduces cardiovascular reserve followed up with an outline of the effects of aging on the heart, the vasculature, endothelial function and the conducting system would be rewarded with a good mark.Few answers quantified the decrease of cardiac output with age and only even fewer ventured into the contribution of ventricular filling by atrial systole. No answer discussed endothelial changes with aging. Some answers were repetitious. Some answers included a significant discussion of  information that was not asked for (Laplace law/Poiseuille's law).


  • Structural changes:
    • Myocardial:
      • LV hypertrophy
      • Interventricular septal hypetrophy
      • LVOT narrowing
      • Valvular sclerosis
      • Degeneration of sympethetic innervation
    • Vascular:
      • Dilation of aorta and large arteries
      • Thickening of arterial walls
      • Decreased windkessel effect
  • Functional changes:
    • Myocardial:
      • ​​​​​​​Increased systolic function
      • Decreased diastolic function
      • Increased atrial diastolic contribution (atrial "kick")
      • Decreased cardiac output (by 1% per year)
      • Decreased maximal heart rate
      • Increased cardiac workload (due to afterload increase)
      • Blunted baroreceptor reflexes
    • Electrophysiological:
      • SA node atrophy
      • Conductive tissue loss
      • Action potential prolongation
    • Vascular:
      • ​​​​​​​Decreased arterial compliance
      • Decreased endothelial NO-mediated vasodilatory function
      • Systolic blood pressure increases
      • Pulse pressure increases (diastolic pressure increases less than systolic)
      • Pulmonary arterial pressure increases
    • Neurohormonal:
      • ​​​​​​​Increased ANP secretion
      • Increased circulating catecholamine levels
      • Decreased  renin, angiotensin and aldosterone concentrations


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