Question 24

Outline the anatomy of the larynx.

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College Answer

It was expected that an answer would include the names of the three single and three paired 
laryngeal cartilages, intrinsic and extrinsic muscles (names were not required), nerve supply 
(motor and sensory) and blood supply. Many candidates had good illustrations though a 
drawing was not essential. 
The majority of candidates failed to name the laryngeal cartilages. There was much 
confusion about whether certain structures were bones or cartilage or even muscle. The 
relation of the larynx to the thyroid gland was frequently misunderstood

Many answers focussed on the relations of the larynx but omitted basic information about the 
larynx itself. No marks were awarded for the contents of the carotid sheath or the course of 
the recurrent laryngeal nerve both of which were frequently included in answers.