Compare and contrast the pharmacology of noradrenaline and dobutamine.

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College Answer

The best answers used tables and key pharmacological headings for comparisons, and 
avoided long sentences/ paragraphs.

An answer that correctly considered the following sections would be awarded a very good 
pass: Presentation, pharmacodynamics, mechanism of action, organ effects, side effects and 
Many candidates failed to identify agents as natural / synthetic catecholamines. 
Few answers correctly mentioned the available preparations of these drugs or considered the 
structure activity relationships. Only 3 candidates commented that dobutamine is a racemic 
Intracellular second messenger pathways were often incorrectly recounted or not mentioned at 
all. Pharmacodynamic effects on all organ systems, and all CVS parameters (HR, inotropy, 
PVR, SVR, SBP/DBP/MAP, regional circulations) should be considered. Metabolic fate and 
clinical dosage ranges were frequently incorrectly quoted.