Question 7

 Compare and contrast the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. 

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College Answer

This question was generally well answered A table or diagram lent structure to the answer. More complete answers included details on the function, anatomy, a description of the pre- and post-ganglionic fibres, ganglia, receptors and neurotransmitters involved.  
Whilst most commented on ‘fight or flight’ for the SNS and ‘rest and digest’ for the PNS, no candidate observed that the SNS is a diffuse physiological accelerator and that the PNS acts as a local brake.  No candidate included the fact that the SNS supplies viscera and skin whilst the PNS only supplies the viscera. Many candidates failed to make reference to the fact that the postganglionic SNS receptor is G protein coupled and the PNS postganglionic receptor is Gcoupled on muscarinic receptors but operates an ion channel when nicotinic. 
Candidates may have scored higher if they had provided a little more detail in their answers.