Outline the sequence of haemostatic events after injury to a blood vessel wall (50% of marks). Discuss the role of naturally occurring anticoagulants in preventing clot formation in-vivo (50% of marks).

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College Answer

This question was best answered in a chronological manner. Many candidates omitted initial vasoconstriction and its mechanism. The platelet plug and formation of the clot should have then been described followed by the fate of the clot, including in-growth of fibroblasts. Strictly, fibrinolysis is a system for repairing / limiting clot propagation after the fact. Anticoagulants refer to antithrombin III, heparin, thrombomodulin and protein C and S. An explanation of the interaction of these naturally occurring anticoagulants was expected. The clotting factors that are specifically inhibited was expected as part of the discussion. The glycocalyx and vessel wall also plays a role in preventing coagulation.