Describe the physiology (50% marks) and pharmacology (50% marks) of albumin.

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College Answer

The question required an equal treatment of the physiology and pharmacology of albumin. The physiology discussion needed to include synthesis, factors affecting synthesis, distribution in the body (including the proportion divided between the plasma and interstitial space), functions, breakdown, and elimination half-life. Discussion of the pharmacology should have included available preparations (4% and 20% Albumin) and pharmaceutics, distribution, elimination (both the protein and crystalloid components), mechanism of action to expand the plasma compartment, longevity in the plasma compartment, indications, and adverse effects. Oedema, circulatory overload, immunological reactions, and relative contraindication in brain injury were important to mention. There was some confusion regarding the infectious risks of albumin. An outline of the manufacturing process from donated plasma and pasteurisation was expected.