Question 6

Outline the dose (10% marks), composition (75% marks) and side effects (15% marks) of enteral feeds.

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College Answer

Generally, most candidates had a reasonable approach to structuring their answers using the headings provided in the question. To score well candidates were required to outline a method of dosing (per body weight, variations based on age, using equations or indirect calorimetry) and describe the composition in terms of the macronutrient daily requirements and energy content as well as other included components (micronutrients). Very few candidates discussed the variations in formulations beyond
concentration change nor the reasons for such variations in sufficient detail. Candidates that did not score well were often lacking in detail or missing sections such as side effects or significant elements of the composition. No marks were awarded for content related to the presence of delivery tubes, administration details (e.g. definitions of gastric tolerance, trophic feeding, commencement rate) or for
details that related specifically to parenteral nutrition.