Question 7

 Define basal metabolic rate and outline the factors that affect it (60% of marks).
Outline the ways it may be measured (40% of Marks).

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College Answer

The first part of the question required candidates to define basal metabolic rate (BMR), identify the standardised conditions under which it is estimated and then elaborate on those conditions which affect it. Most candidates provided reasonable definitions but lost marks for not describing the standard conditions under which it is defined. Many were able to give a comprehensive list of factors that affected BMR however lacked the additional pertinent facts required in an outline question to achieve full marks. Candidates are again referred to the glossary to understand the difference between a list and outline question. The second part of the question pertained to the measurement of BMR which was not as well answered and understood. Overall, there was a limited ability to discuss direct and indirect calorimetry clearly and some responses confused the two.