Sodium bicarbonate (8.4%)

Sodium Bicarbonate

This is a one molar solution of sodium bicarbonate. That is to say, one litre of this stuff contains one mole (84g ) of sodium bicarbonate.

Given that in solution it dissociates into two particles, the osmolality is actually 2 Osm/kg. Yes, 2000 mOsm/Kg. This is another solution which is unkind to peripheral veins. The 100ml bottles of 8.4% bicarbonate contain 100mmol.

contents and properties of a bottle of sodium bicarbonate


From MIMS online, via CIAP; using Baxter Full PI data sheets. Those PI documents are word for word what you will find on the bags.  Additionally, the anaesthesiauk website has this page, with a summary of the relevant details. To find out more about the pH of intravenous solutions, you could pay JAMA for this article.