A summary of PiCCO variables and normal values

This chapter is relevant to Section G6(iii) of the 2023 CICM Primary Syllabus, which expects the exam candidate to "describe the methods of measurement of cardiac output, including limitations, potential sources of error, the need for calibration and the values obtained". 
These are the equations used to arrive at the numbers which the machine spews out after you have done a thermodilution, as well as the normal ranges for those numbers.

To derive EVLW from measured variables:

EVLW equation expanded

CO: Cardiac Output

cardiac output queation PiCCO summary

CI: Cardiac Index

ITTV: Intrathoracic Thermal Volume


ITTV equation

PTV: Pulmonary Thermal Volume

ITTV equation

GEDV: Global End-Diastolic Volume

GEDI: Global End-Diastolic Index

ITBV: IntraThoracic Blood Volume

ITBI: IntraThoracic Blood Volume Index

EVLW: Extravascular Lung Water

EVLWI: Extravascular Lung Water Index

CFI: Cardiac Function Index

GEF: Global Ejection Fraction

PVPI: Pulmonary Vascular Permeability Index

SV: Stroke volume

SVI: Stroke Volume Index

SVV: Stroke Volume Variation

dPmax: maximum left ventricular contractility


From Bersten and Soni’s” Oh's Intensive Care Manual”, 6th Edition, as well as http://www.pulsion.com/ who are sadly the best source for this sort of information.