Viva 8

The initial information given to the candidates was -
This Station will explore aspects of respiratory physiology and related measurement.
This Chest Xray shows complete collapse of the Left Lung.
What patho-physiological processes might contribute to Hypoxia in this patient?
This viva explored the candidates’ knowledge in relation to the following points
Describe ventilation and perfusion to the lung and illustrate their relationship
Significance of high and low V/Q
Shunt and mechanisms to limit hypoxia, effect of supplemental oxygen
Pulmonary Vascular Resistance
Pulse Oximetry, principles of measurement, limitations
(A digital reproduction of a CXR was displayed – but candidates were not expected to make
any clinical interpretation of the CXR and were provided with the CXR findings and
Examination feedback: Candidates used graphs to illustrate their discussions with good
effect. Areas of weakness was in understanding and explaining the limitations of the pulse