A Summary of PiCCO Variables and Normal Values

Created on Mon, 06/29/2015 - 18:51
Last updated on Tue, 06/12/2018 - 17:38
These are the equations used to arrive at the numbers which the machine spews out after you have done a thermodilution, as well as the normal ranges for those numbers.

To derive EVLW from measured variables:

EVLW equation expanded

CO: Cardiac Output

cardiac output queation PiCCO summary

CI: Cardiac Index

ITTV: Intrathoracic Thermal Volume


ITTV equation

PTV: Pulmonary Thermal Volume

ITTV equation

GEDV: Global End-Diastolic Volume

GEDI: Global End-Diastolic Index

ITBV: IntraThoracic Blood Volume

ITBI: IntraThoracic Blood Volume Index

EVLW: Extravascular Lung Water

EVLWI: Extravascular Lung Water Index

CFI: Cardiac Function Index

GEF: Global Ejection Fraction

PVPI: Pulmonary Vascular Permeability Index

SV: Stroke volume

SVI: Stroke Volume Index

SVV: Stroke Volume Variation

dPmax: maximum left ventricular contractility



From Bersten and Soni’s” Oh's Intensive Care Manual”, 6th Edition, as well as http://www.pulsion.com/ who are sadly the best source for this sort of information.