Canonical Reading Material for the Exam Candidate

Oh's Intensive Care manual:

  • Chapter 2. (pp.10)   Critical  care  outreach  and  rapid  response  systems   by John  R  Welch  and  Christian  P  Subbe
  • Chapter 15 (pp. 115)   Overview  of  shock by Matthew  J  Maiden  and  Sandra  L  Peake
  • Chapter 17 (pp. 138)  Multiple  organ  dysfunction  syndrome  by Matthew  J  Maiden  and  Marriane  J  Chapman
  • Chapter 21 (pp. 191)  Adult  cardiopulmonary  resuscitation by Peter  T  Morley
  • Chapter 113 (pp. 1158)   Paediatric  cardiopulmonary  resuscitation by James  Tibballs
  • Chapter 66 (pp. 699) Anaphylaxis by Malcolm  M  Fisher
  • Chapter 100 (pp.1031)  Organ  donation by Stephen  J  Streat

Other essential resources:

Summaries and discussions of cardiac arrest and resuscitation topics from Life in the Fast Lane are made available as a list of links in the Resources section.