Canonical Reading Material for the Exam Candidate

Oh's Intensive Care manual:

  • Chapter 20 (pp. 167)   Acute  cardiac  syndromes,  investigations  and  interventions by Bradley  Power
  • Chapter 22 (pp. 200) Management  of  cardiac  arrhythmias  by Andrew  Holt
  • Chapter 24 (pp. 271) Acute  heart  failure by Nicholas  Ioannou,  Pratik  Sinha  and  David  Treacher
  • Chapter 25 (pp. 289)   Valvular  and  congenital  heart  disease  and  bacterial  endocarditis by Mary  White  and  Susanna  Price
  • Chapter 27 (pp. 308)  Echocardiography  in  the  intensive  care  unit by Guido  Tavazzi  and  Susanna  Price
  • Chapter 108 (pp. 1109)   Shock  and  cardiac  disease by Johnny  Millar - this one refers purely to the pediatric context.

Summaries and discussions of cardiology topics from Life in the Fast Lane are made available as a list of links in the Resources section.