Trials and guidelines in cardiothoracic ICU

This collection of links is intended as a resource for CICM Second Part Exam candidates trying to figure out how to supplement or replace the previously effective practice of preparing for this exam on the basis of doing past paper SAQs. Most of the trials have come from Critical Care Reviews and The Bottom Line. Wherever possible, the original paper is linked from the name of the study, and the Bottom Line review is linked from the year of publication.


Cardiac surgery

SYNTAX - 2009 - PCI vs CABG for triple vessel disease. n=1800 in Europe and the US. Composite cardiac badness was much worse with PCI (17.8% vs. 12.4%), stroke more likely with CABG (2.2% vs. 0.6%). Mortality was no different.

TRACS - 2010 - what if we aim for a lower Hb in cardiac surgery? n=502 in Brazil.  Hb was 91 in the restrictive and 105 in the liberal groups. Composite outcome endpoint was no different (10% vs 11%).

EASE - 2012 - why not intervene early for infective endocarditis? n=76; enrolled if vegetation were >10mm, and severe valve disease. Primary endpoint (death and emboli) was much more likely with conservative management (23% vs 3%).

Transcatheter valves

PARTNER-A - 2011 - what if TAVR instead, if surgical mortality risk is >15%? n=699 all over the world. Mortality ended up being 3.4% for TAVR and 6.5%  for surgery.

COAPT - 2018 - mitral clip vs. conservative management. n=614. Mortality much better with clipping ( 29.1%  vs 46.1% at 48 months).

PARTNER-3 - 2019 - what if TAVR if surgical mortality risk low? n=1000. Composite endpoint was much better for TAVR (8.5% vs. 15.1%)

SOLVE-TAVI - 2020 - what if TAVR under local? n=447; there was no difference in composite endpoints ( 27.2% vs 26.4%)


GUSTO-I - 1997 - small (n=62) IABP subgroup in a huge (n=41,021) trial of thrombolysis for MI. Statistically insignificant mortality benefit (47% vs 60%)

SHOCK - 2000 - emergency PCI for cardiogenic shock, of whom some had IABP. n=1126; mortality improved (50% vs 72%)

IABP-SHOCK2 - 2012 - IABP or just inotropes for MI with cardiogenic shock;  n=600 in Germany. No difference in mortality (39.7% vs. 41.3%).


When things are going right in CTICU

When things are going wrong in CTICU:

Transcatheter valves


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