Hypertension in the post-bypass patient

Hypertension in the post-operative cardiothoracic patient

High blood pressure can also be a major problem in this population. This issue was explored in Question 10 from the first paper of 2008.

Why, you ask?

  • Increased bleeding risk - particularly from the aortic cannulation site
  • Extension of an arterial dissection
  • Increased afterload and thus increased LV workload
    • Thus, increased risk of ischaemia
    • Increased risk of cardiac failure due to decompensated LV failure
  • Increased stress on grafted valves or repaired aortic root
  • Worsening of existing mitral regurgitation
  • Increased need for sedation
  • Bleeding from aortic cannulation site

Causes of hypertension in the post-cardiothoracic surgical patient

  • Pain
  • Inadequate sedation in a partially paralysed patient
  • Pre-existing hypertension, and the perioperative cessation or regular medications
  • Artifactual hypertension (measurement error)
  • Unintelligent use of vasopressors
  • The sudden improvement of aortic flow following the repair of a stenotic aortic valve, which exposes the systemic circulation to being bullied by a massively hypertrophied left ventricle.


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