Essential resources for communications and ethics

The following is a reading list which is essential for preparing for all these "communications and ethics" SAQs, as well as the communication vivas in the CICM Fellowship Exam. These resources mainly consist of locally relevant policy documents and guidelines. 

Essential material consists of:

Non-essential material consists of these chapters from Oh's Intensive Care manual (7th ed):

  • Chapter 3 (pp. 16) Severity  of  illness  and  likely  outcome  from  critical  illness by Mark  Palazzo
  • Chapter 7  (pp. 55) Ethics  in  intensive  care   by Raymond  F  Raper  and  Malcolm  M  Fisher
  • Chapter 11  (pp. 85) Palliative  care  by Sarah  Cox  and  Neil  Soni
  • Chapter 12  (pp. 90)  ICU  and  the  elderly by Richard  Keays
  • Chapter 100 (pp. 1031)  Organ  donation  by Stephen  J  Streat
  • Chapter 111 (pp. 1140)  Withholding  and  withdrawing  life-sustaining  medical  treatment  in  children by James  Tibballs