Electrolytes and Fluids

Canonical Reading Material for the Exam Candidate

Oh's Intensive Care manual:

  • Chapter 93   (pp. 949) Fluid  and  electrolyte  therapy by Anthony  Delaney  and  Simon  Finfer
  • Chapter 92 (pp. 937)  Acid–base  balance  and  disorders by Thomas  J  Morgan
  • Chapter   96  (pp. 987) Colloids  and  blood  products  by Michael  MG  Mythen  and  Matthias  Jacob
  • Chapter 106  (pp. 1096) Paediatric  fluid  and  electrolyte  therapy  by Frank  Shann

Summaries and discussions of fluid and electrolyte physiology topics from Life in the Fast Lane are made available as a list of links in the Resources section.