Trials and guidelines for endocrinology, metabolism and nutrition

This compilation of guidelines reviews and randomised trials on vaguely endocrine nutritional and metabolic topics are mainly derived from such colossi of the industry as Critical Care Reviews, LITFL and The Bottom Line. The reader with more than ten minutes to spare is invited to refer to these sources directly, but for the rest of us, what follows are quick-fire one liners on the most important studies of this area. Wherever possible, the original paper is linked from the name of the study, and the Bottom Line review is linked from the year of publication. Before the reader wastes their time reading the nutrition trials, they are warned about the notable absence of positive treatment effects among them.

Nutrition guidelines

ASPEN guidelines 

ESPEN guidelines

Candian Critical Care Society guidelines

A comparison of them all, from 2019 (thanks, Kopp Luigi et al)

Nutrition trials

ANZICS - 2008 - lol, all these guidelines, how much difference does it make if we follow them? n=1118, Australia and NZ. No difference in anything, even though nutrition goals were reached earlier if the guidelines were followed.

TICACOS - 2011 - Indirect calorimetry instead of giving everyone 25kcal/day? n=112, in Israel. Mortality improved (32.3% vs 47.7%) but LOS increased (17.2 vs 11.7 days). 

EPaNIC - 2011 - early (d2) vs late (d8) TPN. n=4640, in Europe. No difference in mortality; but late TPN had less TPN-related complications (obvs). However: complete mess (39% of patients had an ICU LOS of less than 3 days, so, seriously...)

EDEN - 2012 - what if trophic feeding, but in ARDS? n=1000, in the US. No difference of any sort (mortality and ventilator free days were the same). 

ENTERIC - 2012 - but what if nasojejunal feeding? n=181, Australia and NZ. No difference in basically any of the outcomes, including nutrient delivery. 

EPN - 2013 - what if TPN right away, and then stop it when EN is established? n=1372, Australia and NZ. No difference in mortality, trivial difference in duration of ventilation (7.7 vs 7.2 days, literally 12 hours)

SPN - 2013 - what if both PN and EN to achieve goals? n=305 in Switzerland. Fewer infections (27% vs 38%) in the group that reached goals earlier.

CALORIES - 2014 - PN vs EN - mortality difference? n=2400, in UK. No, there was no mortality difference, or any other difference for that matter.

PermiT - 2015  - maybe only 40-50% of goal is enough? n=894, in Saudi and Canada. No difference in any outcomes. Notably: protein dose was 100%.

EAT-ICU - 2017 - what if goals achieved on Day 1 with PN+EN? n=203, doesn't matter where, no difference of any sort.

TARGET - 2018 - moar calories? 1.5cal vs 1.0cal? n=3914; Australia and NZ. No difference in any primary or secondary outcomes. 

EFFORT Protein - 2023 - moar protein? 1.2 vs 2.2g/kg, n=1329 all over the world. No benefit and perhaps evidence of harm in AKI and more severe illness.

Glycaemic control

Van Den Berghe - 2001 - the trial that NICE-SUGAR debunked (strict vs. conventional BSL control); n=1548, mortality reduced from 8.0% to 4.6% with strict sugar control


NICE-SUGAR - 2009 - n = 3054 in Australia and NZ; lower mortality (27.5% vs 24.9%) in the conventional control group, keeping BSL under 10mmol/L. 

Endocrinology guidelines

Diabetes and ketoacidosis:

Thyroid things

Adrenal things


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