Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Canonical Reading Material for the Exam Candidate

Oh's Intensive Care manual:

  • Chapter 42  (pp. 487)  Acute  gastrointestinal  bleeding  by Joseph  JY  Sung
  • Chapter   43  (pp. 495)  Severe  acute  pancreatitis by Duncan  LA  Wyncoll
  • Chapter 44   (pp. 501) Liver  failure by Christopher  Willars  and  Julia  Wendon
  • Chapter   45   (pp. 520) Abdominal  surgical  catastrophes by Stephen  J  Streat
  • Chapter 101  (pp. 1040)  Liver  transplantation by Anish  Gupta,  Simon  Cottam  and  Julia  Wendon

Summaries and discussions of gastroenterology and hepatology topics from Life in the Fast Lane are made available as a list of links in the Resources section.