Trials and guidelines in gastroenterology and hepatology

This collection of trials and guidelines about gastroenterology and hepatology has also ended up with all of general surgery in it, because there was nowhere else to put it. It is separated into "liver stuff", "gut stuff" and "general abdominal surgical stuff"as these are the broad categories into which the material has seemingly organised itself.  The CICM Second Part exam candidate will always be at risk of being expected to know about these common problems, and so it follows that their preparation should prioritise them; whereas there is no way to reliably defend against future questions on esoteric material like venous mesenteric infarction, and so the list of links here does not even attempt to cover the full breadth and depth of the possible range.

Trials and guidelines in liver disease

Clinical trials

Paracetamol overdose

  • Keays et al - 1991 - N-acetylcysteine for paracetamol overdose. n=50, at the Kings's College in London. Survival was much better with N-ac (48% vs 20%), and these were patients with fulminant out-of-control liver failure.

Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis

  • Sort et al - 1999 - albumin for patients with SBP? n=126, in Spain; 1.5g/kg on Day1  and 1g/kg on Day 3.  Albumin improved mortality (10% vs 29%) and reduced renal failure (10% vs 33%), i.e prevented progression to hepatorenal syndrome.

Hepatorenal syndrome

  • Wong et al - 2021 - terlipressin for established Type 1 (acute) hepatorenal syndrome? n-300 in the US. Terlipressin reversed hepatorenal syndrome in 33% vs 17%.

Support of the acute liver failure patient

  • Kribben et al  - 2012 - fractionated plasma separation and adsorption (Prometheus) for acute on chronic liver failure? n=145. No difference in mortality (47% vs 38%)
  • Guevara et al - 2012 - albumin for infections other than SBP? n=110. No difference in survival, but much less hepatorenal syndrome in the albumin group (though the numbers were extremely small,  1 and 4 patients)
  • Bernal et al - 2016 - hypothermia (33–34 °C) for hepatic encephalopathy in acute liver failure; n=46. No ICP advantage (35% vs 27%) or mortality benefit (41% vs 46%).
  • Darweesh et al - 2017 - what if N-ac, but not in paracetamol toxicity? n=155 in Kuiwait. Prospective observational data, not an RCT. Huge survival difference (96.4% vs 23.3%)
  • Louvet et al - 2023 - what if empirical antibiotics for alcoholic hepatitis? n=292 in France and Belgium. No difference in mortality (17.3% vs 21.3%)

Guidelines in liver disease

Guidelines for specific disease processes

Guidelines for the management of acute liver failure

Guidelines for the management of acute on chronic liver failure

Guideines for management of chronic liver disease complications

Guidelines for TIPS

Guidelines for hepatorenal syndrome


Trials and guidelines in critical care gastroenterology

Upper GI bleeding guidelines

Lower GI bleeding guidelines

Biliary sepsis

Inflammatory bowel disease


Mesenteric ischaemia

Guidelines for abdominal surgery in the critically ill


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